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Reminiscing: sunsets 懷念:夕陽

Melbourne's winter days are generally dull and grey, and even when it's sunny the day is short and it gets dark early. That's when I particularly miss the days of watching sunset. 墨爾本的冬天,普遍陰陰沉沉,就算整天出太陽,晝短夜長,甫下班天色便轉黑,所以便會想念看日落的日子。 There's a simple reason for my fascination with sunsets: it's actually a rare commodity in Melbourne! Contrary to the popular impression of a sun-drenched country, Melbourne's weather tends more towards the cloudy side, and strings of sunny days only occur about 5 to 6 times in the second half of the year. Better runs of weather can be found in the first half of the year, spanning a good part of summer (January to early March) and autumn (mid-March to end of May), and when the weather condition looks right it stokes my interest to catch the sunset. 在墨爾本特別喜歡看日落的原因,簡而言之是物以罕為貴:有別於一般人對澳洲陽光充沛的印象,墨爾本天色偏陰,尤其是想找一連幾天放晴的日子,下半年大概只有五六次左右吧。待上半年入夏(1至3月初)及秋天(3月中至5月底)天氣一般較好,有興緻時便會想去海邊看日落。 Half Moon Bay, Black Rock Mordi
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Hobart - our brief travel review 霍巴特旅遊小記

After the Tasmanian East Coast we arrived in Hobart, the capital city of Tasmania.  遊完塔斯曼尼亞東岸便來到塔斯首府城市霍巴特。 Heritage buildings 歷史建築 As the second oldest city in modern Australia, Hobart city centre is full of reminders of its history and there are plenty of signs explaining the historical significance of various sites. One deserving a special mention is the Golding's corner which has been occupied by the same jeweller Golding & Son since 1875. 霍巴特是現代澳洲歷史第二悠久的城市,市中心保留了多年來的建築物之餘,也豎立了不少解釋各建築物歷史的說明牌,值得一提的是Golding's Corner,該街角由1875年起為Golding & Son珠寶店一直至今。 Golding & Son Jewellers at Golding's corner Golding's corner的珠寶店 More photos of Hobart's historical buildings: 更多霍巴特歷史建築照片: Sunday market 星期日市集 We missed the famous Saturday Salamanca market by a few hours upon arrival but managed to visit the other Sunday Farm Gate Market  which featured stalls of local fresh and artisanal p

文明地遊菲辛那國家公園 A quick visit to Freycinet National Park

We were thankful that we still managed this trip without a rental car - unavailable at first, then prohibitively expensive closer to our departure. We got by travelling to and from Bicheno by coaches, but that necessitated our very early departure from Bicheno at 06:30 for Coles Bay. We waited for more than 5 hours to be picked up by a day tour to Freycinet National Park starting from and ending in Hobart so that we could get to Hobart in the evening. 沒想到這個旅程我們完全租不到車——初時是無供應,後來是太貴——猶幸坐長途巴士也能解決問題,只不過是時間多了掣肘。由 比奇諾 出發往下一站Coles Bay,只有06:30一班車,之後在Coles Bay等5個鐘,上了一個起點和終點皆是霍巴特的菲辛那國家公園一天團,好讓我們當晚能抵達霍巴特。 To while away time my wife watched over our luggage while watching videos, allowing me to undertake an almost 2-hour stroll along the Muirs Beach there. I didn't appreciate at that time, but the ridge flanking one side of the bay was on fact the hills within Freycinet National Park.  要打發五小時,內子邊看視像邊看管行李,讓我可獨個在Muirs Beach沙灘蹓躂差不多兩小時。我當時不知,從沙灘一端看到另一端的山脈,就是菲辛那國家公園內的幾座山。

Bicheno - our one-day stop in the Tasmanian East Coast 比奇諾——塔斯曼尼亞東岸小鎮的兩夜一日

After Launceston my wife and I made a stop in the Tasmanian East Coast town of Bicheno just as what this 'Just Stop' sign told us to do! 離開朗塞斯頓後,我和太太來到塔斯曼尼亞東岸小鎮比奇諾,既然鎮內貼了好幾張寫了Just Stop的標語,我們也樂意從命! The coastline 海岸線 Bicheno is more than a normal run-of-the-mill seaside town. It has a long rugged coastline which is best experienced at the Bicheno Blowhole where the incoming waves get squeezed between the rocks and spouted out through the blowhole in a spray. One can spend endless time catching the most spectacular jets of water gushing out of the whole while admiring at the sea on the rock platform. 比奇諾擁有一條長而嶙峋的海岸線,景色不是一般海濱小鎮能比擬。鎮內東南面海岸,有一個噴水洞,當海浪拍岸時,水便擠進石隙再透過該洞噴射出來,在石灘一邊守候最壯觀的水幕一邊放眼四周海景,足讓人消磨不少時間。 But with such a long stretch of rocky coastline, walking by the sea was mostly no walk in the park. Thankfully the northwestern corner of the town has a long sandy beach called Redbill Beach, and as a bonus during low tides one can walk on the exposed seabed onw

Launceston - our brief travel review 朗塞斯頓——小小旅遊心得

My wife and I went on a trip to Tasmania after Christmas, and here's a short wrap-up on our first stop, Launceston.  聖誕後和內子到塔斯曼尼亞旅遊一週,現在為行程第一站朗塞斯頓作個小結吧。 Heritage buildings 古蹟 The third oldest city in modern Australia, Launceston city centre is dotted with living heritage buildings which still function as shops and offices. Launceston's General Post Office, in particular, deserves a special mention for its chime every 15 minutes during day time and striking the clock every hour, so it's impossible to miss the time around town! 朗塞斯頓是現代澳洲歷史第三久的城市,市中心活古蹟處處,現時不少仍是商店和辦公室,值得一提的是當地郵政總局,日間每15分鐘報時,全日則每小時敲鐘,保證你在市內一定知到時間! More photos of Launceston heritage buildings: 朗塞斯頓其他古蹟建築的照片: Cataract Gorge 卡德奈特峽谷 Right at the doorstep of Launceston city centre, the Gorge is be